10 Weird Jobs In The World You Won’t Believe Exist

People think being a cook or a postman is a weird profession to pursue but the truth is far from reality. We bring to you the really weird jobs which have the most unusual job description attached to them.


Professional Apologizers

Ever been in a place where you have to say sorry for something bad you did but can’t stand the person? Then hire a professional apologizer who will say sorry, and even cry for your behalf.

Professional apologizers will listen to all the complaints of the person, comfort them, tell them it’s your fault, and maybe even offend them more when they realize what you just did to them. A face-to-face apology costs you a bomb while  a phone apology is relatively cheaper.

Since you have already decided to offend your friend or family by doing this, then why not commit to it and take the phone package… it’s cheaper anyway.


Firing Consultants

Yes, George Clooney’s Up in the Air was based on this actual profession. Companies often hire ‘firing consultants’ to get their employees fired as it is often tough for the existing management to layoff people who have worked for them.

They are known as Corporate Downsizing Consultants or sometimes as the ‘Hatchet Man.’ We wonder who would fire the hatchet man or would that just become a loop and we would have to call Bruce Willis to get that fixed?


Virtual Gold Farmers

Virtual Gold Farmers are people who collect in-game currencies by sitting and playing games on the computer all day long. Sounds Fun? Then imagine somebody leveling up your character or collecting rare items for you by doing the same map over and over again.

It may seem like that this job would be paying pennies… but apparently, a company in China named Wow7gold made over $1.5 million dollars just by selling the in-game currency they farmed through their employees.


Spin Doctors

Spin Doctors are people who intentionally misinterpret facts to make it beneficial for their company. Literally, every company has them and uses them in PR disasters.

The industry which often uses them the most are the tobacco companies. These people constantly add deceptive yet believable elements to case studies to discredit reports. Making sure that tobacco companies keep on selling cigarettes to the consumers, without the buyers getting worried about the consequences.


Teddy Bear Repair Doctors

If your teddy is worn out and you are attached to it in an obsessive way, then do know that there are places and specialists who can help you fix it. We are not kidding… Teddy Bear Repair Doctor is a real job and there is even a hospital – ‘Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburg‘ which will admit patients.

There are Teddy Bear Clinics too, even in the US which will treat your teddy bear for both acute and chronic problems. Well, if you weren’t able to get into med school, then maybe you can still call yourself a doctor by pursuing this.


Professional Hitchhikers

Professional Hitchhikers are a real thing in Jakarta and you have to pay them to avail their services. This stems from the law created by Indonesian government which allows you to use the faster lane only if three or more passengers are traveling together. It was done to tackle the road congestion nightmare due to a huge spike in people owning car.

This led to the need for picking random strangers to make sure that the commuter reaches work on time. The hitchhikers are usually women with child so as to pass off as a family traveling together. If caught, they stand to be fined over $100 which is a lot since the average Indonesian earns less than a dollar a day, the hitchhiker though, earn $7.5.

Currently, the 30 million people strong capital city of Indonesia has 20 million cars. With the law getting exploited, there is no end to the ever-increasing congestion of the city.


Garbage Detectives

True to its name, the role of a Garbage Detector is to find illegal garbage and trace it them back to its owners who are then fined… heavily. The Swiss take garbage disposal rules very seriously which is what Judith Schulte found out when she disposed the garbage on a Sunday.

The police told her to either spend two nights in jail (yes, really!) or pay a 250-franc ($280) fine. Of course, she reluctantly paid the fine. Swiss municipal laws also ban mowing the lawn on Sundays and hires Garbage Detectives who works in pairs and investigate trash bags for wrongful item disposal.

Among other things, the Garbage Detectives look for clues of ownership such as medicine packaging, whether the garbage was put in their correct bags and even the day and time when the garbage was put out. You can’t even put the garbage out too early otherwise you will have to incur a 50 franc penalty.


Professional Snugglers

Cuddling for money is a real thing and if you think it’s something that happens in Japan, then think again. Professional cuddlers have been operating in at least 16 states in the US with thousands of clients. This isn’t some shady escort service we are talking about. Apparently, cuddling releases feel good hormones which makes it therapeutic.

Cuddlers earn around $400 per session in which they have to bear hug, tickle or just plain go off to sleep. Clothing should remain on during the entire session but boners are considered normal.


Airplane Repo Man

Ever wondered who goes to collect the plane when their mortgage expires? That is a job reserved for an Airplane Repo Man. While the average bank collectors just send notice to the defaulters, this job requires the person to travel across the world and collect the airplane whose payments have been defaulted.

The job is not as easy as it sounds. Rich people usually tend to be crankier and don’t care for the laws especially in under developed countries. This means that you might be beaten, chased or even have a gun pointed at you. Think we are kidding? Then meet Nick who even spent a week in a Haitian jail while he was doing his job. Another repo man, Ken, has a death warrant for him in Central Africa.

The job also requires the guy who repossesses the plane to sell it to some other customer. Wonder why anyone would take such a risky job? Well… because you can earn almost a million dollars from each repo!


Sex Toy Testers

Karleen Howden is a professional sex toy tester and her 8 hour job involves using these sex toys on herself and rating them. Karleen believes that she has the best job in the world and we agree. She even gives some of the toys to her mother to try them out which we are guessing would someday make for a really awkward conversation during family dinner.

Did you know that there are products invented which are just ridiculous!

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