10 Expensive Gadgets That Take Luxury To Next Level

Gadgets make our life productive and simpler than the caveman days. They are designed to be helpful and are mass produced so that majority of the people could use and enjoy them. Having said that, there are few gadgets in this world which are solely produced for the rich (or hardcore hobbyists). Below are 10 of such expensive gadgets for you to have a look at, or contemplate selling your organs to buy one… your call.


Alienware laptop that is faster than Bolt!

Expensive Gadgets - Allienware
Find more about it here.

With everyone living in a virtual world, this laptop is equivalent to a luxury car. Dell Alienware laptop is one of the fastest laptop you would find in the world. Marketed as a gaming laptop, Alienware is considered to be the gold standard in the world of gaming laptop.

With Dell being the parent company of Alienware, it is a must buy if you are into it. Though you would have to shell out around $8,000 from your pocket if you want to do so.


Robot Dog that is smarter than your pet!

Expensive Gadgets - Sony Aibo, Smart Dog
Find more about it here.

If you are a geek, pet lover and / or rich, then Sony Aibo is for you. Considered to be a smart pet, this electronic toy would live with you forever. Sony launched Aibo in 1999 with some extraordinary capabilities. Aibo has built in intelligence and a camera which servers as its eyes.

Aibo has sensors which make it work like a normal dog. Different color of eyes would tell you about its mood, and Aibo would play with you and different toys around the house. Though other smart dogs have come in the market, this one still remains the best (and hot favorite of Japan!) despite the fact that Sony stopped manufacturing. But hey, if you are still into it, then you can get it from Amazon for around $7,500.


Headphone costlier than all your Apple products… combined

Expensive Gadgets - Stax SR-009
Find more about it here.

Stax SR-009 claims to be the best headphone you will ever need for your life. It boast about exceptional speakers, and claims to have a range of 5 – 42,000Hz. For those of us who speak only in english… it means that the rustling of leaves or dropping of pin is audible.

Don’t bother inquiring about these if you aren’t rich or if you haven’t bought the next winning lottery ticket. They are priced at $3,500 and you would require a set of headphone amplifiers to even play them. But the people who have these feel that it’s worth the price… right!


Smart drone to take that perfect selfie… or spy!

Expensive Gadgets - 3DR Smart Drone
Find more about it here.

Price at just under $999, this is a must have gadget if you want to take that perfect selfie… or stalk someone (hey! you are rich, general rules don’t apply to you). Termed as a smart drone, it has the ability to follow you and can be flown manually.

The recording is done in High Definition and can be live streamed to your phone…. Nevermind that it costs more than the phone itself.


Robot floor cleaner… for the lazy

Expensive Gadgets - iRobot Vacuum cleaner
Find more about it here.

If you are lazy like us, go ahead and order this vacuum cleaning robot. iRobot Roomba 880 would map your house in its brain and automatically vacuum it for  you. It would go from one room to the other, but not before finishing it. Once the cleaning is done, iRobot would quietly go back to the charging unit without any intervention.

Though the iRobot is not the most expensive of them all but is one of the highest rated ones. This piece of magical wizardry would cost you around $700.


Speaking of lazy… you can go all robot on your lawn mower too!

Expensive Gadgets - Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawnmower
Find more about it here.

While getting the house vacuum cleaned good, how about a robot for mowing your lawn as well. Nothing does a better job in mowing your lawn than Robomow Robotic Lawnmower, which is considered the best in this new and growing industry.

Priced at around a $2,000, this is a must have for the extremely lazy or the peeps who have more money than what they can spend. The high tech means that it will even clear areas that are not accessible by a manual lawn mower. The machine also has rain sensor, child lock, works on slope and even charges itself.

It can even give you the additional satisfaction of listening to someone mimicking Morgan Freeman (through their commercial). And taking away the love you have for your kids or family.


The toilet which cost more than an entire bathroom

Expensive Gadgets - Kohler's Numi toilet system
Find more about it here.

Kohler’s Numi toilet might have misjudged the color of poop with gold. Because that is how much it cost to have this piece of gadget which will handle your poop. Priced from over $4,000, this toilet will ensure that you have the best time of your life doing the worst thing you have to do.

Some of the features of Numi toilet are unheard of in standard toilets namely remote control for water temperature, detecting when you want to poop, heated seats, individual preferences and a design which will force your stomach to poop gold.


Speaking of which… here’s a jacuzzi which matches the cost of a regular Joe’s car

Expensive Gadgets - Luxema 8000, SPA Pool and Jacuuzi
Find more about it here.

Money grows on trees for you? Then you might want to pick Luxema 8000 to prove it to the rest of the world. This jacuzzi system comes with television, dvd player, and surround sound system. It has 6 seats for all your millionaire’s social needs and 100+ jet points to constantly remind you that you own the world.

On a serious note, it has great reviews and people who have it states, “It can give more joy to me than my girlfriend.” And we couldn’t agree more. The jacuzzi will cost you an upward of $25,000 but hey, it’s way better than buying those expensive gifts for your girl.


The TV that is bigger than human beings

Expensive Gadgets - Samsung 110 Inch TV
Find more about it here.

Ever dreamt of owning a television bigger than a king size bed? If so then Samsung 110 inch UHD TV is what you want. The gadget boasts about having four times the sharpness of a regular HD one.

A must buy if you have $250k lying around doing nothing, because why the heck not. Besides watching those other movies on this would be awesome *wink*. Based on the reviews from people who have seen it, it is amazingly beautiful.

Edit: This giant isn’t available to order online anymore, someone bought it after the article rolled in (damn those pesky rich people). You will have to contact samsung now if you want one.


Your own Friggin MechBot!


Expensive Gadgets - Kuratas, the Mechbot
Find more about here.

What the point of being filthy rich and not be able to afford a MechWarrior “Real Steel” style. Good news, now you can… but only if you have $1.35 million lying around.

Shhhh… don’t think money, this thing is a chick magnet. And you can probably use it in a zombie apocalypse as well. You can sit inside it, you know… like the movie, “Avatar”, and can even fire pellets on people by just smiling on the screen. Who says that you can’t fit it with real bullets when zombies rise.

Nothing could end this article better than seeing the mechbot “Kuratas” in action.

Which one of these would you like to sell your house for? You can also get these amazingly creative inventions!

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